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why the project?
horticulture project
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Why the project?

When designing an outdoor space, whether it is a representative space or a living space, it is always good to have a detailed plan that gives importance to structure, functions and their changes over time.

Ideally, rough work should be planned together with the design of the house, but this is not always possible, especially if there is a desire to renovate already existing gardens.

Predetermined function, garden-architectural elements and details allow us to prepare the ground for later works during the execution of the exterior decoration.

In order to properly perform the excavations, determine the depth of the soil, carry out the installations, drainage of rainwater, it is necessary to know in advance where the lawn will be, what size the vegetation will be, the type of paving, the summer kitchen, the shape and type of the pool/water features, lighting, etc.

If for some reason you decide to realize the garden part by part, with the help of the project it is easier to plan the phases and avoid mistakes.

Detailed planning in advance also means lower costs and less time spent during construction.

horticulture project

Although it is not mandatory that the exterior design project contains vegetation, the importance of plants and their psychological impact on humans is increasingly important.

Horticultural design is an important planning factor. Plants as well as garden technical elements have their own architectural expression: shapes, sizes, colors. In addition, they are living elements that are subject to changes due to the seasons and development over the years. They make the garden come alive.

Before selecting the plant species, it is necessary to determine their function, size, shape and the theme to be achieved (evergreen garden, garden full of colors, white gardens, colorful autumn, Mediterranean garden...).

After determining the needs and wishes of the client, the selection of vegetation follows according to the climate, type of soil and other micro and macro conditions that shape our environment in order to obtain a functionally harmonious outdoor space sustainable over the years.

ambient lighting

Garden lighting allows us to live the outdoor space after sunset.

It additionally shapes the space by giving us a new dimension that gives us a sense of comfort, but also security, and allows us to act and enjoy the entire space after dark.

In the winter period, when the days are shorter, it is important for us that the passageways and the scenes we see through the openings in the house are illuminated.

For summer evenings, our focus is on the lighting of the space intended for outdoor gatherings and to single out essential garden elements in order to get the perception of the composition that we want to emphasize.

When designing lighting, it is very important to position the lighting points in order to achieve a balance between too much and too little light.


A frequent question is: "Is irrigation necessary?". Of course, everything depends on the client's needs and how much time they can spare for taking care of the plants.

Depending on the geographical location of the plot and the microclimate, we very often advise clients to opt for irrigation. In the last few years, the climate has changed, and we have been overtaken by imbalances between dry and rainy periods.

Although in the horticultural project great attention is paid to the selection of plant species that are intended for a certain area and climate, trees and shrubs require time to adapt to the microclimate of your garden and enough time for the roots to develop.

Automatic programmed drip irrigation enables optimal watering by wetting the soil according to the needs of different types of vegetation. In this way, the amount of water for watering is reduced, while at the same time it helps in the prevention of various plant diseases, because this method does not wet the leaves.
If you want to have a beautiful lawn in your garden, sprinkler irrigation is inevitable.

However, if you do not decide to irrigate, include in your plans the time required for daily watering, especially during the hot months.

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Making 3D Visualization

An integral part of every project is the creation of high-quality 3D visualizations of the complete exterior. Render is a means of communication for presenting design ideas to the client during the actual project creation process, leaving room for changes and adjustments on the fly.

3D visualizations allow you to visualize and experience the space down to the smallest detail before the implementation begins.


"I got my oasis, in which a thread of love and respect for my region and landscape is woven. It's a reflection of myself, a combination of a regular, decorative and moderately colorful world."

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"After discussing what style of decoration we want, the creation of conceptual sketches, discussions, and agreements began. Finally, there was an elaboration of the landscaping of the garden and the landscaping work itself."

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"We promptly came up with the final solution - the appearance of the garden that is in accordance with our taste, needs and possibilities, and a solution that was far more beautiful and better than anything we could have imagined ourselves."

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